What is Counselling and Psychotherapy

The aim of Counselling is to help you to work in a more resourceful way, helping you to be in charge of your own life with greater confidence and fulfillment. The behavioural approach to therapy has grown and prospered. Linked now with advances in Cognitive Psychology.

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Psychotherapy provides time for personal growth and change. It is an opportunity to understand the source of your distress or confusion. It is a process of learning about oneself and exploring in depth, therapies that attempt to deal with long – standing emotional patterns, as opposed to more obvious behavioural concerns. However, no simple, one – way cause – and – effect relationships exit in human functioning, rather all aspects interact, affecting and being affected by all the others.

My approach to Counselling and Integrative Psychotherapy is primarily influenced by Transactional analysis and a focus on relationship.

The basic building blocks of transactional analysis theory and practice include the analysis of Ego states, Transactions, Psychological games and script.

Traditionally, the therapeutic Relationships has been seen as a venue with which a client can work through the traumas that have shaped his script (ref. T.A) bringing to awareness old decisions and learned responses, so that he/she has the option of making changes in dysfunctional patterns of behaviour. Whilst relationship focused Integrative Psychotherapy makes use of various sorts of interventions to facilitate this kind of working through, it is most concerned with the ways in which the client – manages his/her present relationships including his/her relationship with the therapist.


Barbara Tapia Services

I have practiced as a supervisor since 2002 generally I refer to the ‘Process Model’ put forward by Hawkins & Shoet (1989) This is an excellent model for mapping out where you are in the supervisees process. My present supervisees range from the stage of Basic Training to Doctorate level.